Can physiotherapy help my headache?

If you are a headache sufferer you will know how disruptive they can be to your daily life and routine. It is important to determine the underlying cause of such headaches to guide treatment and management. Head pain or headaches can be caused by factors other than migraines and an appropriate assessment can assist with treatment.

What to expect during your appointment?

During a consultation your physio will take a detailed history from you and complete a thorough assessment of your overall neck posture, range of motion of your neck, upper back and shoulders, muscular tightness and neck joint stiffness to determine any structures that may be contributing to your headaches. 

Cervicogenic headaches (head pain arising from bony or soft tissues structures within the neck) respond well to physiotherapy treatment. Your physio will treat the underlying problems that are found during assessment to be causing or contributing to your headaches. This usually arises from one or multiple levels of the upper cervical spine (upper neck) and/or tightness in the muscles of your neck or shoulders. Other factors that may contribute to your headache include posture, repetitive movements, sleeping posture and work set-up.

Treatment will be directed to any hypomobile (stiff/tight) joints of the neck and upper back, massage and/or trigger point release to any tight muscles and potentially acupuncture or dry needling. In addition your physiotherapist will work with you to identify factors that may be contributing to your headaches and address these through ergonomic advice, postural education and correction, stretches and strengthening exercises.

What one of our patients say:

“I get headaches on a semi-regular basis due to my job that requires me to do long hours at the computer. Quay Street Physio were able to identify that the problem was coming from tight muscles in my neck instead of eye strain which my GP suggested. Whenever I have a headache now I just contact Quay Street Physio and book in. Within 20mins of treatment it is always gone.” — Jay Daniells (Owner of Green Valley Digital)