Telehealth – What to expect

During this difficult time with COVID 19 we are looking at ways we can continue to deliver a quality service to our patients. In the event that you cannot attend your appointment because you are unwell, self-isolating or the clinic is forced to close, our ideal scenario is to be able to offer you access to your Physiotherapist via Telehealth.

What is a Telehealth Consultation?

A telehealth consultation is a video consultation between your Physiotherapist and yourself. If you do not have access to a computer /laptop/smart phone, then your Physiotherapist may be able to call you on the telephone.

How do I book?

Just like a normal appointment you would call the clinic and you would be given a scheduled time. However, the appointment would take place online or over the telephone and you would not actually attend the clinic.

What can I expect from a Telehealth consultation?

One of the skills we as Physiotherapists have is our ability to ask the appropriate questions to help us assess and diagnose your current injury. We may ask you to show us some movements which may help us further with a diagnosis. From this information we can give self-management advice, education on appropriate and individualised exercises and activity modification. We will be able to set out short and long term goals and ideally provide advice on recovery into the future.

Not all patients will be suitable for Telehealth and it is recommended you call and discuss this with a Physiotherapist. Patients who have a high falls risk are not suitable for Telehealth consultations.